About The Pseudo Curator

What do you get when you mix academic insecurities with a penchant for Pre-Raphaelite artwork?

A 25 year-old student currently enrolled in her masters in London. My name is Isabel and The Pseudo Curator is my neurotic alter ego.

This blog is where I get to ramble inconsistently. I might gush over art, and complain about life more generally speaking, but overall, this is a space where I can voice my awe and sometimes disappointment over things museum-related. Call me an extra-curricular girl.

Think of this an a never ending, badly written internal monologue: I’m not sure about my outreach capacities (it’s looking pretty bleak at the moment) but I’m sure at least my parents are proud of me for doing something other than watching Pride and Prejudice (2005) on repeat.

My only hobbies include eating creme eggs during Easter, realising how terrible I am at divulging any personal information about myself on such a public platform as this, and despairing over graduate employment.

Welcome to my blog.